Diabetic Alert Dog Self Training Kit

This kit includes step by step booklet and a set of training tins. The do it yourself training kit does not include low or high blood sugar samples, it does, however, explain how to collect and store samples for best results. The booklet & tin set are not about how to train a service dog in obedience or manners. They are designed to assist an individual in training their own personal dog to alert to low and high blood sugar changes as they are occurring. By using fun and positive technique you will learn how to condition your dog to respond with a “Paw Alert’ when he smells a certain odor. This booklet only teaches the “Paw Alert”. There are other types of alerts, but ‘pawing’ seems to get the best results for us.

This DIY kit has been sold Nationwide in the USA. Also, sold in Canada, Switzerland, Australia, Malta, and Europe.

The booklet covers such topics as dog selection, training tips, step by step instructions, night alerts, traveling with your DAD, false alerts, missed alerts, and how to troubleshoot for problems. The dogs in the videos are now working DAD’s and their first time with each new step was recorded for you to see the process in an untrained dog.

For only $63.25, You can purchase this kit here:


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Continue to follow your doctor’s advice and instructions for the management of your blood sugars, even after your dog starts alerting. A Diabetes Alert Dog (DAD) does not replace medical protocol. A DAD is not a replacement for medical advice and should not be relied upon as the only way to check blood sugars. No refunds or exchanges.

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