Preparing Your Home

Is your home puppy safe? Crawl on the floor and see what your puppy will see. You may need to move things around for a few months or longer.

Look for any cords that can be chewed on.

Drapes, curtains, carpet edges/fringe & hanging towels are all inviting your puppy to pull and chew on them.

Where are your shoes and the dirty laundry kept? Puppies love socks, shoes, dirty underwear, toilet paper, tissues, and the garbage. Do you have a cover on your waste baskets?

Look at your plants, are they poisonous?

Where are the cat litter boxes? Your puppy will think it is full of tasty treats.

Holiday decorations, may need to be altered for the first year of your puppy.

As your puppy ages you can put things back where they use to be, but in the beginning keep it simple. You have house training, handling, grooming, socializing, exercising, feeding and watering to do. Eliminate all the extras that will add stress to what should be a fun time. 

Never play lazer lights with your puppy. It can lead to behavior problems.

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