Your Activity Level

Be honest about your activity level when searching for your puppy and deciding on a breed. Let's break it down. 

Walking around the block is not being active for a lot of adult dog breeds. If that is all you have time for that's great, but go for a low energy breed. A lot of Brachycephalic dog breeds are great for that lifestyle. 

Working all day, going home, and doing laundry, dishes then running a quick errand is busy work, but not an active life for a puppy/dog. Running errands and carting kids around is not going to use up puppy energy. It drains you, but not your puppy. You are busy not active, an active dog needs activity every day not just on the weekends. 

Being a runner, biker, jogger, hiker, or a person that does not use a car can make you an active person. Will you be doing those activities with your dog/puppy and how often? An active dog needs activity every day not just on the weekends.

Photo courtesy of Karolína Kočová - European K9 training base

Being Busy Doesn't Mean Active

You say I am an outdoorsy kind of person and need an active dog. Going fishing is not being active, it takes time and supplies but not a lot of activity. While you are busy fishing, what is your puppy doing? While you are busy camping and sitting by the fire (maybe drinking beer), what is your puppy doing? He is enjoying the great outdoors and spending time with you, but not really getting a lot of activity. If you have OLDER children, they can wear out the puppy while you are fishing. Remember, an active dog needs activity every day not just on the weekends. 

So you say your kids are active and you are on the go all the time. While you are at the baseball game watching your kids play, your dog will be at your feet sleeping re-energizing. Where will your dog be during the basketball game and when you stop for dinner on the way home? Your puppy will be in their crate sleeping at home re-energizing awaiting for your return home and will be ready to play, not helping with homework and laundry. 

There are many breeds that would love to run 25 literal miles a day and they are labeled as active/working breeds. Some people will run 1 or 3 miles a day and will do so with their dog, that is AWESOME, but for many dogs that is just a warm up. People can grossly underestimate what their dogs are capable of doing and end up with the wrong breed. 

Please keep in mind that each dog has their own temperament and activity levels. Don't assume each puppy from a litter will be the same. If you look, ask a lot of questions and don’t rush or take the first puppy you see, you can find whatever breed of puppy that might fit what you are looking for. Remember, an active dog needs activity every day not just on the weekends. 

Really think about your lifestyle and what you really do. What can your new puppy do with you and where can he or she honestly go with you? Puppies nor dogs can be left in cars due to heat or freezing weather. Five minutes can turn into 23 minutes in reality. Think about the weather in your area too since some breeds do better in certain climates. Be sure to research breeds before deciding on a puppy do not make your decision based off of a cute photo and be honest with your lifestyle. 

Remember, being busy and being active are not the same thing.

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