Benefits of a Long Line

Professional puppy raisers and dog trainers use long lines for several reasons. A long line is a leash that is longer than 10 feet in length. It can be anywhere from 10-25+ feet long. Your puppy should be wearing his long line when not crated. Your puppy will associate the leash with freedom and being with you and this will help decrease the chance of him/her developing leash anxiety later in life. There are a few reasons why a long line is important:

  • This will allow you to tether your puppy to you. This will help your puppy to learn to follow you around the house while keeping your close to you.
  • If your puppy gets caught on something, you will be right there to untangle your pup.
  • You will be able to keep your puppy out of rooms he/she is not ready to be in.
  • When your puppy goes under furniture you can pull him/her out.
  • You can keep him from jumping on people by standing on the line.
  • This will also make potty breaks easier and quicker, since your puppy is already on leash and ready to go.
  • It will help your puppy to learn his/her name. If you call and your puppy does not come to you pull him gently to you.
  • You can step on the line to prevent your puppy from running out the door (keeps your puppy safe).
  • It will force you to pay attention to your new puppy!  

If you are not crazy about using a long line,  get the exercise pen that will contain your puppy in a non carpeted area, near an exit for quick potty breaks, that you have scheduled. It is safer than having your puppy running free throughout your home. Have their crate in the exercise pen area so your puppy can choose to sleep in it. You can also move the exercise pen outside to give your puppy outside time if needed. Remember, though, that puppies grow quickly and he will learn to climb out of the exercise pen. There may also be a good chance you will miss their signals to potty or forget to put them in their crate for naps.

If you feel a long line or using the exercise pen is not for you, then have the puppy drag a leash. Dog trainers call it a drag line, it is simply a leash that the puppy wears at all times (except when crated) and it drags on the floor or ground, while your puppy is playing. The control you have over your puppy with a drag line or a long line can reduce your pet’s and your stress, by limiting where he can go while still letting him move around comfortably and safely in your home and outside. 

These are only a few of the benefits of a drag line and long line, as they allow you to move throughout your home more easily while somewhat controlling your pet’s behaviors and potentially help keep your puppy safe and within your sight at all times. 

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