Treadmill and Dogs

Treadmills are a great way to exercise your dog. It offers them a mental and physical workout at the same time.  

Using a treadmill with your dog is not to replace the outdoor walk, it is in addition to the outdoor walk. It's great for rainy days, super cold days, hot humid days, and when the human cant get out and walk (illness or injury). 

Many dogs are overweight due to overeating and under activity. When your vet suggests that your dog needs to lose a few pounds, you have a few options to consider: 

  • Walk them for a certain amount of time every day 
  • Get a treadmill 
  • Change their diet and or the amount of food they are eating  

Dogs can use human treadmills or one can buy a treadmill specifically for dogs. For me and my dogs, I have typically found used treadmills at garage sales or on-line listings for a much better price than buying a new one or one specifically designed for dogs.  

Many people grossly underestimate the amount of exercise their dogs need and many dogs are under-exercised, using a treadmill will help balance that out. While eating dinner your dog can be walking on the treadmill (where you can see him or her) and then after dinner, you take them for a walk outside. 

Please remember that It’s essential to monitor your pet while they do the walking on the treadmill and don’t ever leave them alone. 

There are many videos on the Internet about how to get your dog started on the treadmill. This is a very common thing that dog trainers have trained dogs for and many have how-to videos on-line.  

If your dog has a specific health-related issue causing them to be overweight, please follow your veterinaries' advice. Please check with your veterinarian before starting your dog on a treadmill program. 

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