Naming Your Dog

This page is not going to be about how to select a name for your little one, but something different and something most people do not realize. An issue I have seen as a dog trainer, is that a lot of dogs don’t know their name. Yep, it’s true, they think their name means it time to run and play tag or it means catch me if you can. Owners have inadvertently taught their dog that when they hear their name, it means it’s time to play. This is the primary reason dogs that go to shelters get a name change, to make a new association to the word that is used to name the dog. Dogs do not understand that one word is a command and one word is a name. For the dog it's just another word and how they respond to that word depends on what you teach them. Dogs need to be taught that the name word that was chosen for them means stop what you are doing and look at me. By doing the hand feeding that is explained on the HOW TO FEED YOUR PUPPY page, you can easily teach your puppy his name. Every time you say his name, offer kibble, affection or a fun toy. Do not pair your puppies  name with negatives only positives. Using the long line as outlined on PUPPY IS HOME, NOW WHAT? page will also help your puppy understand that when you call him, he comes no matter what because you can gently pull him to you. There is a technique to this because of the oppositional  reflex that puppies have. A balanced trainer should be able to help you get through that.
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