Dogs and Jobs

If you have a dog that is destroying things and maybe a bit out of control,  someone may have said to you that your dog needs a job. What exactly does that mean?

It's not as complicated as it is for humans. Working dog breeds need mental and physical stimulation. If at all possible, try and make it as close to what they were bred to do. They need to be doing the things they were bred to do by using their brain and body to accomplish something.

The good news is most working dogs are designed to work with humans. Why is that good? It translates to listening to you as a job, following your commands, and working as a team. It can translate into dog sports, scent games, Treibball, hunting, Carting, Skatejoring, search & rescue, playing fetch, carrying a backpack, and doing obedience with their owner. There are many more options for giving your dog a job, these are just a few ideas to help get you thinking. Find something that fits your budget, space, environment, and your skills. There are some stimulating toys on our products page that can be helpful in encouraging your dog to use their brain.

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