FAQ For Buyers

Q. Is there a fee for your service?

No. Our page is funded through the shopping page we put together to help make preparing for your new family member easy and convenient. We earn a small commission as an Amazon Affiliate from qualifying purchases at no extra cost to you. We are not incentivized by partnerships with individual brands to sell their products, which means we have the freedom to only recommend products that we actually use or love for our own pets! Thank you for your support!                                           

Photo is a bordoodle from BFF Dog Training.

Q. Why do you not have many breeders listed?

A. Due to our high standard of requirements and length of time it takes to properly vet each breeder, our site is continuously under construction and will be growing steadily!

Q. A breeder I want to use is not listed, does that mean they are a bad breeder?

A. If a breeder you are interested in is not listed this does not necessarily mean they are a bad breeder or a puppy mill. Do your research and if you’re still unsure, encourage them to apply to be listed on our site and have us vet them for you before you make your purchase! Note: this is free of cost, but the breeder will have to submit an application to be considered. On the flip side of that, when doing your research, if you come across a bad breeder, we encourage buyers and concerned people to report a breeder if they feel that they are mistreating their dogs. We take all reports seriously.

Q. What is the process for ensuring a breeder is reputable and follows health and safety guidelines?

A. Each breeder fills out an application and sends the following information to us for review:

  • Photos and/or videos of their puppy set up

  • Health testing results

  • What food they are feeding their puppies

  • Photos or videos of enrichment activities they do with their puppies

  • Are they using Puppy Culture (link to blog article, affiliate link, or eBook explaining what Puppy Culture is) or something equivalent?

  • Do they perform Early Neurological Stimulation (link to blog article explaining this)?

  • How they are socializing their puppies and parents (happy stable parents make happy stable puppies).

Q. Why is working with a trainer important when buying a puppy?

A. Working with a trainer will help ensure that puppy buyers will be prepared for the arrival of their new family addition. Our list of dog trainers are puppy experts. This is not only great for the puppies, but for you too! You will save so much time doing things the right way the first time!

Q. I want to visit the breeder’s home but they don’t allow visitors. Should I be concerned?

A. Refusal for visitors is not necessarily a red flag that there is a problem or that the breeder is a puppy mill. Breeders have been victimized and even murdered by people posing as buyers. People also carry diseases and many breeders want to keep their kennels clean and disease free. Some people also have children and value keeping their home private. If it’s important to you to meet the puppy prior to purchase, make sure you’re dealing with a breeder that allows visits (many do).

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