Buyer Benefits

Protecting You and Your Puppy

At Puppy Connection, we do our best to make sure all of our puppies come from reputable breeders who follow guidelines that protect the health and safety of their puppies. We also provide educational resources for breeders and mentors for new breeders. Our list of dog trainers are puppy experts and know what they are doing. This is not only great for the puppies, but for you too!  You will save so much time doing things the right way the first time! When buying a puppy from a breeder listed on Puppy Connection, you can have confidence that your puppy will be coming from a good home.

While we cannot guarantee results, we can guarantee that we inspect each breeder's application before they are allowed to post on the site. Furthermore, we encourage buyers and concerned people to report a breeder if they feel that they are mistreating their dogs. 

We depend on the breeder to answer all questions honestly and to send the following information in addition to filling out an application.

  • Photos and/or videos of their puppy set up 
  • Health testing results 
  • What food they are feeding their puppies 
  • Photos or videos of enrichment activities they do with their puppies 
  • Verify that they using Puppy Culture or something equivalent 
  • Verify that they do they do Early Neurological Stimulation?
  • How are they socializing their puppies and parents (happy stable parents make happy stable puppies). 

Extensive Puppy Buying Guide

We want you to enjoy your new puppy, and for it to love living at your home. It can be confusing to know what supplies to buy, how to train a puppy to not pee in the house, what to feed your puppy, and so much more. We understand that it can be daunting, so we put together a helpful buyer's guide for you to read. Reading this guide is a great way to make sure you're prepared to welcome a new puppy and to give it everything that it needs! 

Read the Buyer's Guide now!

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