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Our Mission

Hello Dog Breeders! We welcome purebred dogs and mixed breed dogs. Please fill out an application to be part of our website of recommended breeders and puppy trainers for the new or repeat puppy shopper.

Our goal is to unite new puppy buyers with dog trainers at the same time that they are searching for a new puppy. We want to help eliminate the problem of people buying puppies and not knowing what to do or how to do it correctly; and then, the puppy ends up being bounced around from home to home or ends up in a shelter because of unwanted behavior issues.

As a dog trainer over the years, I have seen many people bring home a new puppy and they are overwhelmed with what to do. They go to the internet and social media only to be given the wrong advice. Our list of recommended trainers should be able to help make bringing home a puppy a smooth transition.

How To Apply

To be a breeder listed on our website of quality breeders we need an application filled out to get started. Then, you will be contacted via email, phone or maybe both. We will need photos or videos of your set up sent in with your application. We do appreciate your honesty while filling out an application!

Fill out the application today!

We are looking for breeders that do the following...

  • Have a work ethic
  • Health test before breeding
  • Feed a healthy diet
  • Utilize Puppy Culture guidelines or do very similar protocol
  • Are willing to share ideas and experience with other breeders
  • Do biannual training for something puppy or dog-related

We are also looking for some assistance to help make this website the best for puppy seekers and breeders. What we need help finding:

  • Mentors for new breeders
  • Workshops for breeders to partake in
  • Articles that can be shared on this website for educational purposes
  • Video options for workshops so breeders can view on-line via this website
  • Puppy transporters
  • Tips or tricks of the trade that you have learned over the years
  • Your favorite must-have breeding items
  • Insurance company information for new puppy buyers and kennel owners

Future Goals

We know you are BUSY and it is HARD for breeders to get away for training, so we want to add a page with videos and articles for you to read when you can.

We are working hard to get all the pages up and running to benefit buyers, breeders, and trainers. Some new pages will be added as the website grows in popularity and makes its way to being the number one site for puppy searching.

Currently the site is free and we would love to keep it that way. Please shop our products page with the Amazon affiliate links, at no extra cost to you to help keep this page free. 

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